by Tara McGregor

Relaxed, yet challenging support

Supporting people to thrive

We bring decades of experience of delivering research, support and training to the third and public sectors in Scotland. Because of this, we understand the very real and significant pressures these leaders face. Tara McGregor is one of Research Scotland’s Directors and a qualified professional Coach. She offers coaching support to professionals who want to improve in key areas. 
Why coaching?

Coaching is a process, facilitated by a professional Coach, which supports individuals and teams to review, plan and make real change happen. For example, Tara has supported professionals struggling with management responsibilities, career planning, managing work life balance, or bringing about real and effective change at work.    
Unlike other forms of learning, coaching is completely tailored to you, or your team. 

Coaching builds on your own strengths to tackle your own development needs. It helps you overcome barriers - whether they are personal or related to the world around you. Professional athletes have understood its value for a long time.  They recognise that no matter how good you already are, or the challenges you are facing, a coach can help you become even better. Increasingly, people working at all levels in different sectors are turning away from traditional approaches to improvement – like training courses – and realising the value of coaching. 

Our service is completely confidential. If you haven’t ever been coached before, it can be difficult to understand how it works. If you would like to find out more, you can phone Tara for a chat about it. Or visit us at the Gathering / book a free taster session / come to an event.

Coaching packages

Below are examples of the type of coaching packages we can provide. But we can offer a range of tailored support – from one-off sessions (for example, to prepare for an important meeting, appraisal process, or to review a plan or strategy) to much larger packages - to meet your needs. 

Coaching packages start from £250.


One-off session

  • Initial telephone discussion
  • Face to face session (60 minutes)
  • Personal Development Plan or Action Plan


  • Initial telephone discussion
  • 3 face to face sessions (usually 4 to 6 weekly)
  •  Personal Development Plan or Action Plan 


  • Initial telephone discussion
  • 3 face to face sessions 
  • (usually 2 to 4 weekly)
  • 3 additional telephone sessions (between face to face sessions)
  • Additional telephone and email support, as required
  • Personal Development Plan or Action Plan

Team support

  • Initial telephone discussion
  • Face to face sessions with 5 individuals
  • Half day team session
  • Follow up face to face sessions with 5 individuals
  • Individual and team development or action plans

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